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I don't normally keep copies of programs on this site - instead there are links to the download pages of the copyright owners. This means you always download an up-to-date version of the program. While I don't have any use for continual updating (change = trouble) it seems reasonable to start a new install with an up-to-date version.

The exception to this rule is if I can't find the original author's site.

I'm an inveterate technophile and always interested in hearing about the most recent whizzbang free software. I may even try it out. But it won't get into this collection unless it provides a genuine benefit over the previous incumbent.

Likewise if you have a problem with one of my selections or feel your software has been misrepresented please get in touch.

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You can reach me here:
info at nearlyFreeSoftware dot com
Obviously you need to replace the "at" and "dot" with the appropriate characters. The address may change from time to time as the junk mail quotient increases.

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If you need to send me something:
Gerry Parnham
19 Westgate
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My hope is that everyone who reads this site will save some money and have a more reliable computer by using the advice on it.

If you feel this site is worthwhile a donation will help cover some of the expenses.

The button below links to PayPal and is as safe as money transfer gets on the Web. I don't see your card details and have no way to contact you unless you also choose to send a message.
Many thanks for reading this load of opionated codswallop. I'd like to close by quoting the inimitable Frankie Howerd, "If you enjoyed it - tell your friends!".

Best wishes,
Gerry Parnham
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Last update: 14th July 2014
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I update this site on a regular basis, so what's here reflects my current kit.

If you find a broken link or a piece of freeware that no longer performs as I describe, please let me know. I'll sort it out. Mail me by clicking on the 'contact me' link at top left of this page.
p r o c e d u r e s
Microsoft have never had the faintest idea of how to design and explain a user interface, you only have to look at an Apple computer to see that.

I've always complained about how badly WindowsXP is set up when first installed and Windows7 is no better. The icons are jammed together, the taskbar is locked in place and too small to use properly. Though with Windows7 you can at least change the colour. This is caused by the fact that Microsoft is populated by engineers who designed Windows to be an engineers toy, then tried to make it easy to use by giving it big letters.

The best way to make XP easy to use is to run it on a large, high definition screen and then follow my setup instructions in the 'procedures' page of this website.