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nearlyFreeSoftware is a list of free programs that I use and recommend.

This list may not include the very latest because I won't change until I see a clear advantage. However all the programs I recommend will work quickly and well.

My main computer is a tool which serves me. I don't fiddle with it for fun because changes to programs and operating systems often brings trouble. For example, I've been using the same anti-virus software for five years.
w i n d o w s 7
The new Windows7 part of this site is identical to the original XP site, except where there are differences - er... Let me try that again.

The list of recommended programs is very similar, where a program will work under 7, I continue to use it. The list of procedures differs considerably.

update: I've now used Windows7 on my home computer for the last 12 months but not at work. This is because one of my 'mission-critical' programs refuses to save under Win7. Anyone remember MS Word2?
d o n a t i o n s
My hope is that everyone who reads this site saves some money and gets a more reliable computer from the advice on it.

If you feel this site is worthwhile a donation will help cover some of the expenses.

Email and Paypal information is available in the 'contact me' link above.
s o u r c e
I don't normally keep copies of programs on this site - instead there are links to the download pages of the copyright owners. This means you always download an up-to-date version of the program. While I don't have any use for continual updating (change = trouble) it seems reasonable to start a new install with an up-to-date version.

The exception to this rule is if I can't find the original author's site.

Here is a short list of websites I have found useful. There's no common theme, just good quality information with no snags. If its a site selling products, then the prices and/or services are good. All are recommended.

Obviously the websites of all the programs I recommend should be included in this list but there are links to them elsewhere on this site.

T h e'p e r s o n a l'l i s t
oGatehouse Arts
- Harlow's 'street gallery'. Art for everyone.

- a guide to living in Tokyo; subtle, amusing and american, an unusual combination.

oMy gallery at Deviant Art
- don't be put off by the name, its a good online gallery with some of my pictures in it.

oMy personal website
- lots more of my art.

T h e'w o r t h w h i l e'l i s t
oRainbow Services
- works to alleviate the effects of disadvantage and deprivation through imaginative local projects.

- technology news, accept no subtitutes.

- activity clothes, not cheap but they last forever.

oGoogle Advanced Search
- the classic search page, still the best.

- text translation, erratic and sometimes amusing but it will give you the gist of a message.

- Dutch rain radar, far better than the British version.

- font of all knowlege, really.

- huge amounts of useful or entertaining video content.

- if I'm going to buy something (anything) I always look here first, not always the cheapest now.

- and this is where I look second.

oBBC News
- World Service is second to none, UK services are now closely controlled by the government.

- customised classic bikes, how about a 1928 Opel with a rack-mounted rocket motor accessory?

oChampagne Herbert Beaufort
- is the best Champagne in the world and far from the most expensive, from Bouzy in France.
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Last update: 5th January 2012
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I update this site on a regular basis, so what's here reflects my current kit.

If you find a broken link or a piece of freeware that no longer performs as I describe, please let me know. I'll sort it out. Mail me by clicking on the 'contact me' link at top left of this page.
p r o c e d u r e s
Microsoft have never had the faintest idea of how to design and explain a user interface, you only have to look at an Apple computer to see that.

I've always complained about how badly WindowsXP is set up when first installed. The icons are jammed together, the taskbar is locked in place and too small to use properly and to cap it off the main colour is bilious blue. This is caused by the fact that Microsoft is populated by engineers who designed Windows to be an engineers toy, then tried to make it easy to use by giving it big letters.

The best way to make XP easy to use is to run it on a large, high definition screen and then follow my setup instructions in the 'procedures' page of this website.
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